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The domains of Health and Safety at Work take on a strategic nature in the realisation of the product, whether due to the contractual and operational demands of our Clients, or due to the commitment of the Company’s Top Management, which positively influences an entire way of being and being that is reflected daily in all the tasks carried out by our workers. Thus, it is not surprising that the requirement for a job well done, based on strict compliance with legal regulations with absolute priority to the aspects of Health and Safety at Work, has always been a concern for EPOS.

The Company has a leadership, commitment and planning model that allows it to take responsibility for the effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSHMS), and the return on its implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement is measured with the following objective evidence:

  • The feedback from the evaluation of our Clients’ satisfaction is predominantly in the “Satisfied” and “Very Satisfied” criteria;
  • In the international market we are able to participate in the most demanding tenders for underground works because our OSHMS indicators are eligible for the requirements of the tender programs launched by the “giants” of the construction and mining sector;
  • EPOS’ approach to OSHMS implementation enhances the closeness with its Clients, thus achieving great savings in resources and knowledge sharing;
  • The will to grow in the fields of health and safety at work, through competitiveness and innovation is in the DNA of EPOS.

The good practices of EPOS, in the fields of Safety and Health at Work, are reinforced by the certification in Safety and Health at Work under the ISO 45001 standard, providing a more comprehensive and effective management of operational risks and contributing to the protection of workers and better results.

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