Works for the Line and Stations of the "Place Emir Abdelkader - Place des Martyrs" section of Algiers Underground

Designation of the Works

Work Order of “Travaux de Gros Oeuvre et Voie Ligne et Stations Tronçon Place Emir Abdelkader – Place des Martyrs” of Algiers Subway

Works Owner

Entreprise Metro d’Alger, Argélia


Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construções, S.A.


“Contract Job for the Design / Construction of a 1,752.98m double road tunnel Meters of Tunnel …. 1.437,30m
Tunnel section… 76.11 m2 (Excavation)
M3 of total expected excavation … 179,306.00 m3 (NATM)
M3 of expected concrete … 66,503.00 m3
Expected TONS of steel …. 1,093.33 Ton
Waterproofing area …. 70,953.28 m2
TONS of Metal crankshafts … 6,094.00 Ton
M3 of shotcrete with Fibers … 28,390.33 m3


Algiers, Algeria

Start Date

February 2011

Execution Period

48 months