Mato Forte Tunnel - Instrumentation

Designation of the Works

Design/Construction of Mato Forte Tunnel, on Bucelas/Arruda dos Vinhos Sub-section of A 10 – Highway Bucelas/Carregado/IC 3

Works Owner

BRISA – Auto-Estradas de Portugal, S.A.


BRISA – Auto-Estradas de Portugal, S.A.


Installation and monitoring of the whole geotechnical and topographic instrumentation. About 75 surface marks, 11 targets, 10 piezometers, 30 extensometers, 8 inclinometers and 26 convergence sections have been installed. Preparation of all geological cartography and geotechnical characterization of the excavated surfaces. Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly folow-up reports.


Bucelas - Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal

Start Date

June, 2002

Execution Period

16 months