Excavation and Containment of Provisional Derivation Tunnel and Access Tunnels, Charge Tunnels and Other Underground Structures of the Hydraulic Circuit of "Foz Tua" Dam.

Designation of the Works

Excavation and Containment of a Provisional Derivation Tunnel and Access / Charge Tunnels, Access Galleries at 55.90 height and for Raise-Boring, Galleries at 55,90 hight, Return between Floodgate pits and the Plant and the Ramp Galleries between the Return and the limit of the Pits of the Hydraulic Circuit Plant

Works Owner

EDP – Gestão da Produção de Energia, S.A.


Barragem de Foz Tua, A.C.E. (Foz Tua Dam)


Construction of a Derivation Tunnel 360 m long andwith 88 m2 of cross-section. Construction of a 480 m long and 30 m2 cross-section access tunnel to the Plant and construction of charge tunnels with 80 m2 and 700 m long. Excavation and primary support of the underground plant and various technical galleries with cross-sections ranging between 20 and 150 m2.


Foz Tua, Portugal

Start Date

August, 2011

Execution period

25 months