Blue Line - Metro of Lisbon

Designation of the Works

Construction of the Alfornelos NATM Tunnels, Traction Station Tunnel and Blue Line Terminal Tunnel of the Metro of Lisbon

Works Owner

Metropolitano de Lisboa, E.P.E.


Linha Metro, Empreitadas do Metropolitano de Lisboa, ACE


Construction of three tunnel sections on the Blue Line of the Metro of Lisbon, between the Terminal of Falagueira and Alfornelos Subway Stations. They sum up 896 m of underground excavation length: the first, Falagueira Terminal, is 513 m long and the other two are 98 m and 285 m long, respectively. The excavation section varies between 70 m2 and 112 m2. Construction of the Ventilation Shaft PV3, composed of the PV3 tunnel, 50 m long and excavation section of 109 m2, connection gallery, 10 m long and excavation section of 62,5 m2 and pumping well. Excavation: 60.772 m3. Structural concrete 15.668 m3.


Amadora, Portugal

Start Date

May, 2002

Execution Period

25 months