Ethics and Conduct

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One of the main tools that guide the performance of EPOS employees is its Code of Ethics and Conduct. In this Code, the transversal principles of the performance of all employees are enshrined and, thus, the Company’s involvement with the related parties.

The Code is intended for all Directors, Workers and Other Company Representatives, and it is additionally incumbent on all these employees not only to know and internalize, institutionally implement and defend the Code externally, but also to promote the application of the respective rules by third parties in the scope and execution of the relations that they maintain with the Company.

According to this Code, all EPOS – Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterrâneas, S.A. employees have the commitment to comply, defend and enforce, including with indirect addressees, the legislation and regulations in force in the geographies where it operates, including any global or sectorial agreements and deontological rules specific to each professional, as well as any and all contractual commitments.