Laúca Hydroelectric Plant

Designation of the Works

Construction of Forced Pipelines and Shafts of the Laúca Hydroelectric Power Station

Works Owner

GAMEK – Gabinete de Aproveitamento do Médio Kwanza


Odebrecht Angola Construção e Projetos de Energia, S.A.


The work to be carried out consists of the construction of 6 Forced Conductions starting from the upstream side of the Hydraulic Circuit and the excavation of 6 vertical shafts connecting the tunnels to the surface.

The tunnels have an excavation cross section varying between 112 m2 and 124 m2, with approximately 1,300 m each, for a total length of 7,800 ml.

The vertical shafts have a final excavation diameter of 8.2 m which corresponds to an excavation cross section of 52.8 m2, and a height of 80 metres each. Initially, vertical drilling was carried out with Raise Boring equipment (company property) with reaming of 1.80 m, and later enlargement to the final design section was carried out.


Laúca, República de Angola

Start Date

May, 2014

Execution Period

22 months

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